Vintage Clothing & Accessories

Vintage Clothing & Accessories

Regardless if you are into Swing, Rockabilly, Mod or Western Styling, if you
like unusual things then we are the right place for you.

Our range of products includes pretty much everything clothing related from the
1940s to the 1960s including an impressive selection of accessories. Handbags,
jewellery, gloves, hats, ties, cufflinks, buttons and belts - we work very hard
to be able to offer you a huge spectrum of sizes and designs at any time.


We do carry a big variety of original shoe wear as well, ranging from 1940 tp
1975. So regardless if rounded or pointed, flat or high heeled, one-colored or
two-toned, there is always something new to be discovered.




As far as clothing goes, our assortment stretches from bathing suits to
afternoon dresses, two piece suits to lace blouses and of course evening gowns
for ladies, for gents we carry gabardine jackets, American shirts as well as
European coats, shirts and suits.



Knick-knacks and other Valuables

Knick-knacks and other Valuables

It is well known that the 40s, 50s and 60s are famous for the beautiful design
of their useful items and decorative knick-knacks and of course we can fulfill
your wishes in this regard as well.

Urgently need a last-minute present? Looking for some finishing touches for your
place? An unusual conversation piece? We have what would make many a collector’s
heart miss a beat or two: accessories for your Tiki bar, decoration for your
dinner table, vases for your mantle, ashtrays, glass sets made of porcelain,
ceramics and glass. W even have old print advertisements!















Sometimes it’s the small detail which changes an outfit from “nice” to
“stunning”. For that reason we have hundreds of earrings for you in all colors
and designs possible, in rhinestone or plastic, unobtrusive or flashy, as clips
or with screw backs. In addition we offer necklaces, pins and bracelets in a
similar variety.













Aviator Jackets

Aviator Jackets

What’s the meaning of the cold time of the year if you can’t wear a cool aviator
jacket? That’s at least our opinion and that’s why offer classic jackets from
Schott, Cooper and other famous brands following the original G-a pattern. The
difference to original G-1s is that our contemporary models have a warm and cozy
teddy lining which enables their wearers to stay warm in winter. Of course we
also carry authentic G-1, B-3, B-6 and A-2 aviator jackets from time to time.












Hawaiian Shirts


Hawaii Shirts

We pay a lot of importance to authenticity and originality. So don’t expect to
find cheap reproductions from Asia in our Hawaii department. All our Hawaiian
shirts and dresses are unique pieces and were produced on Hawaii sometime
between the 1950s and the 1980s. Depending on the time they were produced they
are either made of 100% cotton, rayon or polyester and most of them feature
classic coconut buttons.



























We do carry shirts from the following well- known brands: Reyn Spooner, RJC,
Hilo Hattie, Ui-Makai, Go Barefoot, Paradise Found, Pacific Legend and
Kahanamoku, to name a few.


Bowling Shirts & College Jackets

Bowling Shirts & College Jackets


All our bowling shirts and college jackets are original pieces imported directly
from the US and made sometime between the 1950s and the 1980s. The jackets are
available in a variety of designs and qualities from companies such as Butwin,
Holloway or DeLong, with sleeves made out of fabric or man made leather as well
as cord jackets with real leather ... needless to say that we also carry a huge
selection of patches!

Looking for something really special? Then maybe a stunning old knitted
Letterman-Sweater made of wool is what you want. They are featured in many High
School movies.

Our shirts are embroidered or printed, depending on their vintage and are made
of either 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester blend. Of course we also carry
gabardine and rayon shirts.

In addition to rare brands such as “Air Flo” and “Nat Nast” our assortment
includes shirts from giants like King Louie and Hilton.








Country & Western

   Over the last couple of years we proudly assembled a fine selection of western
wear. Western shirts, western jackets and western suits - we have it! All big
names from H Bar C to Rockmount and Karman, from Wrangler and Roper to Panhandle
Slim and more are represented. The best thing is, our western department keeps
growing and growing.
For winter, you can find cool lumberjack jackets and woll shirts, made by
Pendelton and other traditional brands.





Swim Wear


For everyone who wants to enjoy the summer plus a variety of annual Pool and
Beach Parties in style we started to put together a beachwear collection. High
waisted bathing trunks, bathing suits, bikinis, 50s beach dresses and 60sbeach
jackets, straw hats, baskets, cosmetic bags, sunglasses - we’ve got what you
need to look good in and out of the water.